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  • Detecting your media devices. Please wait...
  • Waiting for your permission...
  • Starting your microphone. Please wait...
  • For more information, [[click here]].
  • Changing the microphone will reset the current process. Do you want to continue?
  • An unexpected error occurred. Reload the page and try again.
  • Could not find any media devices. It is very likely that your browser does not allow access to these devices. Try to reload this page or open it using another browser. Just remember that in order to start your microphone you need to allow our website to use it.
  • Could not find a microphone, however there are other media devices (like speakers or webcams). Most likely, this means that your microphone is not working properly or your browser cannot access it.
  • Your browser does not support features for accessing media devices. Please upgrade your browser or install another one.
  • It looks like your browser is blocking access to microphone identifiers. Because of this, it’s impossible to detect and manage all available microphones.
  • You did not allow the browser to use the microphone. Reload the page and try again.
  • Apparently, your microphone is being used or blocked by another application. To start your microphone, you must temporarily close that application.
  • Waiting time for your permission has expired. Reload the page and try again.
  • Cannot stream audio. The cause may be a defective/disabled microphone or that it is currently being used by another application.
  • The audio track is paused.
  • Cannot detect any active stream of media content.
  • Your microphone does not output any audio tracks.
  • Your browser does not support features for accessing audio tracks.
  • Audio track not available due to technical issue.
  • Your microphone suddenly stopped transmitting audio track.
  • For unknown reasons, the audio track is disabled.
  • Click here to allow access to microphone identifiers
  • Click here to try forcibly start the microphone
  • Testing your microphone and recording your voice.
  • Please say “Hello” or make some noise. The tester records the sound captured by your mic and you will be able to playback it after testing is complete.
  • A microphone was detected. Press “Test my mic” to check the functionality and supported properties of your microphone.
  • Several microphones were detected. To check the functionality and supported properties of your microphone, select it from the list below and press “Test my mic”. Please note that in order to obtain more accurate results it is recommended to keep enabled only one microphone.
  • Testing was completed successfully and it seems your microphone works properly. All details about your mic are displayed in the “Microphone Information” table. Please do not forget to leave a review about your microphone.
  • Testing failed because your microphone could not capture any sounds. Please make sure your microphone is not muted and try again.
  • Testing failed because your microphone captured only a single tone. Please make sure your microphone is not muted and try again.
  • During testing, there were errors due to which it is impossible to determine some parameters of your microphone. Reload the page and try again.
Microphone Visualizer

Microphone Information

Quality Rating:
Microphone Name: Not selected
Automatic Gain Control:
Number of Audio Channels:
Echo Cancellation:
Estimated Latency:
Noise Suppression:
Sample Rate:
Sample Size:
To share or save the technical information, get a unique URL by submitting a new review about your microphone.

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About MicTests.com

This website provides a simple online mic test that allows you to check if microphone is working properly. Since it’s a browser microphone test, you don’t have to download or install any third-party software. Moreover, even if it may seem too simple, MicTests.Com will test your microphone regardless of its type or the device and operating system you are using. And to surprise you even more, this mic test will display a lot of useful information about your microphone (for example, its name, number of audio channels, latency, sample size and sample rate, as well as if it supports echo cancellation or noise suppression). In addition, if the tester will detect any problems with your microphone, you will receive tips on how to fix them.

Why do you need a mic test?

There are many reasons why people want to test their microphone. Here are just a few of them:

  • Have purchased or connected a new microphone and want to check if it works properly.
  • Want to check if headset microphone is enabled.
  • Verify if computer microphone doesn’t distort their voice.
  • Find if webcam has a built-in microphone.
  • Make sure that other applications can detect their microphones.
  • Want to admire the microphone visualizer.
  • Just out of curiosity.

How to test your mic?

Testing your microphone with our online tool is pretty simple: just wait until all your multimedia devices are detected and then click the “Test my mic” button. If this button doesn’t appear and you haven’t received any notifications, it’s likely that there’s been an error with your browser. To help you, please contact us at info@mictests.com

How is the microphone being tested?

  1. First of all, it is determined if the browser supports functions for accessing multimedia devices. If so, a list of detected microphones and necessary controls are displayed.
  2. When you click the “Test my mic” button, your browser will ask permission to start the microphone on this site.
  3. Once access is granted, the microphone will start up and you will see the visualizer of sounds captured by your mic.
  4. The tester starts to record your voice and any noise captured by your mic.
  5. Now it’s time to determine supported features and make some some measurements.
  6. Finally are displayed the testing results, hints and additional controls (including the playback).

Why do you have to leave a review?

Once the mic test is complete, you can leave a review about your microphone. This is not necessary, but we recommend that you do this to help others buy a good microphone and bypass the bad ones. Also, after your review is published, you will see how good your microphone is (i.e., you will find out how good it is in the best microphone rating).

System Requirements

To test the microphone, you only need a modern browser (unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not a such browser) that supports functions for accessing multimedia devices. As you have noticed, our microphone test tool does not require any additional software such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight or browser plug-ins. There are no restrictions on the type of device, so your microphone can be integrated (into headphones, mobile device, laptop), wireless (WiFi, bluetooth) or connected via cord (USB, TRL, XLR).

Below are listed the operating systems and the minimum versions of supported browsers:

  • Android
    • Samsung Browser 5.2
    • Chrome 50.0
    • Firefox 68.0
    • Edge 45.0
    • Android WebView 88.0
    • Silk 86
    • Opera Mobile 64
    • Yandex Browser 21.11
    • Android 4.0
  • Chrome OS
    • Chrome 58.0
  • FirefoxOS
    • Firefox 48.0
  • Linux
    • Firefox 38.0
    • Chrome 60.0
    • Chromium 65.0
    • Opera 71
  • macOS
    • Chrome 80.0
    • Safari 11.1
    • Opera 68
    • Firefox 76.0
  • Ubuntu
    • Firefox 74.0
    • Chromium 80.0
  • Windows 10
    • Chrome 51.0
    • Edge 13.0
    • Firefox 68.0
    • Opera 60.0
    • Yandex Browser 19.1
    • Coc Coc Browser 70.0
  • Windows 7
    • Chrome 56.0
    • Firefox 56.0
    • Opera 40.0
    • Edge 87.0
    • Coc Coc Browser 63.0
    • Iron 88.0
  • Windows 8
    • Chrome 80.0
    • Firefox 74.0
    • Opera 68
  • Windows 8.1
    • Chrome 63.0
    • Firefox 74.0
    • Opera 68
    • Edge 88.0
    • Yandex Browser 21.11
  • Windows XP
    • Firefox 47.0
  • Xbox OS 10
    • Edge 18.0
  • iOS
    • Safari 12.1
    • Chrome 87.0
    • Firefox for iOS 112.0
  • ipadOS
    • Safari 13.0
    • Chrome 96.0
  • macOS
    • Safari 11.1
    • Chrome 75.0
    • Firefox 68.0
    • Opera 53
    • Edge 85.0

If your operating system or browser is not listed here, this does not mean that it is not supported. It just has not been tested yet. Therefore, feel free to check yourself.


  1. All operations required for testing are performed by the browser and all data is stored in the user’s device memory.
  2. We do not store technical information until the user publishes a feedback about his microphone.
  3. If the user does not publish a review, all data from the device memory is deleted when the page is closed.
  4. Reviews are publicly available and contain only technical information about the microphones tested.
  5. We never store audio recordings made with your microphone.


Because the test results depend on various factors, it is impossible to guarantee an error-free algorithm. Nevertheless, we will constantly work on improving our testing tool and fixing the discovered errors. So if you find any errors or have any suggestions, please contact us at info@mictests.com.