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Microphone Reviews

On this page you will find all the reviews about microphones, left by the visitors of our site, who have successfully completed the mic test and decided to share their opinions about them. Based on these reviews you can find out about the advantages and disadvantages of various microphones, as well as technical data that will help you to analyze and compare them. Therefore, feel free to test your microphone and leave a feedback about it.

Review #29802bm800Average (3/5)cj1 March 2024 at 14:31
Review #29798+40730688448Excellent (5/5)edy cornea1 March 2024 at 11:17
Review #29797Plantronics B headset microphoneGood (4/5)Kavia1 March 2024 at 10:01
Review #29796g33 monoExcellent (5/5)wodahe1 March 2024 at 09:52
Review #29795hyperX headset micExcellent (5/5)wodahs1 March 2024 at 09:51
Review #29793tucciExcellent (5/5)xjvgugvghffvhfg1 March 2024 at 09:10
Review #29792A4TECH FH200IPoor (2/5)Jippers1 March 2024 at 09:09
Review #29790JBL Quantum 810Good (4/5)VK1 March 2024 at 07:58
Review #29787Galaxy Buds 2 ProExcellent (5/5)Joe1 March 2024 at 05:51
Review #29781gggGood (4/5)mmm29 February 2024 at 22:48
Review #29776JKKExcellent (5/5)HHHHHFFFFFFFFFFF29 February 2024 at 17:53
Review #29775cristal headphonesExcellent (5/5)daniel29 February 2024 at 17:42
Review #29772VivoGood (4/5)Bukya saraswathi 29 February 2024 at 15:24
Review #297716s wirelessAverage (3/5)Nuhu29 February 2024 at 14:33
Review #29769Default - Built-in micAwful (1/5)Andrew29 February 2024 at 13:56
Review #29768hamdanExcellent (5/5)hamdan29 February 2024 at 11:50
Review #29766pornmic42Excellent (5/5)TorbenTissemand29 February 2024 at 07:57
Review #29765Mic from headphoneExcellent (5/5)Cherry29 February 2024 at 05:33
Review #29764Default - MicExcellent (5/5)yur mom28 February 2024 at 20:16
Review #29763Oneplus t5Excellent (5/5)Safaqat28 February 2024 at 18:48