Mic Test

Review #8131 about “Corsair Virtuoso SE Headphone Integrated Mic (Wireless Connection)”

Microphone: Corsair Virtuoso SE Headphone Integrated Mic (Wireless Connection)
Rating: Excellent (5 out of 5)

Advantages of the microphone:
Integrated with headset for meetings, etc. Wireless connection used vs. this test but device comes with USB-C / HDMI and/or 3.5 mm plug in as well. Using wireless (20 hour charge on average) for mobility when working/listening.

Disadvantages of the microphone:
Requires wearing headset, but still comfortable.

Author’s comment:
I have found the "mictests.com" site works very well for determining the quality of recording and playback with various software. I typically go to this site when modifying any physical or software characteristics.

Microphone Information

Quality Rank: #1033
Quality Rating: 1785
Microphone Name: Default - Headset Microphone (CORSAIR VIRTUOSO SE Wireless Gaming Headset)
Type of Microphone: Wireless
Automatic Gain Control: Supported
Number of Audio Channels: 1
Echo Cancellation: Supported
Estimated Latency: 0.01
Noise Suppression: Supported
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Sample Size: 16-bit

Device Information

Device Name Lenovo P52 with Corsair Virtuoso SE Headphones (Option for Wired / Wireless)
Device Type Laptop
Operating System Windows 10
Browser Chrome 87.0
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Color Depth 24-bit
Screen Orientation landscape-primary